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Smarter coverages designed for you

Three big ideas drive our approach to coverages: comprehensiveness, customization, and thinking ahead. Our team of experts goes way beyond simply asking what you need and pulling a standard coverage package off a shelf. We’re here to help you better understand where your exposures are, how to deal with the corresponding risks, and design a program that meets your specific needs. Here’s how we do that.

Steve Lepach talks about working with VAcorp
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There is no provider in Virginia like VAcorp. We’re solely focused on working with public entities, which means we get to know our members needs at a much deeper level than usual. And that familiarity has allowed us to develop an incredibly comprehensive slate of coverage programs that addresses risks and exposures from a holistic standpoint.

Our core coverages are really just the starting point. With every member, big or small, no matter where you’re located in the state, our team works to know your organization and your needs inside and out. And we do this so that we can customize our coverages or even develop new coverages based on your actual needs at any given time. A small police force in SW Virginia is going to need different sorts of programs than a giant school system in the Capitol region, and our customized coverages make that easy to address.

Risk is anything but static. New kinds of emerging threats and risks are coming along constantly, and it’s critically important that every organization addresses these risks before they open up a major vulnerability. But we understand that our members aren’t always experts in analyzing new technologies and new risks. You have enough on your plate serving your own constituents. Our team is constantly looking ahead for potential risks and exposures and will alert you any time we feel you may need to alter your existing coverages or add a new coverage.