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Protecting our first responders

Localities are responsible for paying the cost of expenses associated with injuries that occur to fire and rescue personnel while in the line of duty. While Line of Duty coverage pays for the cost of continuing health benefits and any death benefit under the Line of Duty Act, it does not pay for the costs associated with medical treatment for the injury. 

Because of the potential financial impact of injuries to volunteer emergency responders, it is important to purchase coverage to help minimize costs to the locality for these injuries. VAcorp recommends that the locality, rather than the volunteer agency, purchase the coverage. This allows the locality to assist injured volunteers in receiving excellent care and getting them back to work in a reasonable time frame.

Our solution

VAcorp is partnering with Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services, Inc. (VFIS), the largest provider of insurance, education, and consulting services to volunteer emergency responders. Together, we will provide the maximum coverage for volunteer injuries. Through a combination of Workers’ Compensation and Excess Accident and Sickness insurance, your volunteers will receive the most comprehensive benefits and care in the event of an injury. In addition, you will have access to the vast training resources provided through both VAcorp and VFIS. This includes online and in-person coursework, including training hours accredited by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Together, we have trained over 200,000 emergency services personnel since 2006. 

Workers’ compensation benefits provided by VAcorp will afford the statutory benefits for volunteers injured in the line of duty, which may include up to lifetime medical benefits, weekly income replacement, and death benefit. 

Accident and Sickness benefits provided by VFIS would supplement Workers’ Compensation benefits and may include additional weekly income replacement, death benefit, and medical expense benefits up to the limit purchased. 


Since localities must provide coverage for fire and rescue volunteers, it just makes sense to purchase coverage to minimize financial loss to the locality. VAcorp has created a program to protect the interests of Virginia localities and the health of their emergency responders. Through a combination of Workers’ Compensation coverage and Excess Accident and Sickness coverage, participating localities will provide the most comprehensive benefits and care to emergency responders.

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