Who we are

We don't act like an insurance company because we aren't one.

At its core, a self-insurance risk pool is a simple thing. Organizations band together to share resources (contributions), that are then used to cover claims. So what sets VAcorp apart? Well we answer only to our membership, not investors. We believe insurance shouldn’t be so confusing or complicated, and we work with our members to simplify coverages wherever we can. 

Most importantly, we act like a partner to our members. We get to know them, their needs, and then and only then do we begin thinking about coverages and services to recommend. It’s a common sense approach that is all too uncommon these days. 

“It’s an honor for us to be able to provide strength and stability to our clients across the Commonwealth. So we’re constantly pursuing ways to provide the best possible service we can.”

Chris Carey
Administrator VAcorp

We’ve got you covered.
We know the unique risks you face.
We know how to respond.

Since VAcorp was formed in 1993, we’ve built a team with deep roots in two worlds: risk management and mitigation, and local government organizations and entities. We’ve hired former county administrators, school principals, and other career public service leaders and paired them with industry experts who understand how to develop creative, expansive coverages designed for today’s risks and tomorrow’s. 

Our team isn’t here to sell members coverages, because our members own the pool. There’s nothing to sell! We work closely with our membership to identify exposures and provide coverages that make real sense. And we offer a slate of useful services and training that can help avoid risks before they even materialize. 

"VAcorp for the win!! Thank you for your guidance on the Department of Labor’s emergency COVID-19 standard and for providing the Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan template. So very helpful!"

Dr. Annette Bennett
Superintendent, Appomattox County Schools

Let us show you how we can change the way you approach risk management for the better.