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Line of Duty Act (LODA)

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VAcorp is proud to ensure your public safety personnel are taken care of when disabled in the line of duty.

LODA provides benefits to certain public safety employees and volunteers who hold specific, hazardous duty positions. Effective 2011, LODA coverage must be provided to these individuals by the public entity they serve. 

Our solution 

LODA coverage includes death benefit payments and continuation of health insurance benefits for officers and emergency responders killed or impaired while on duty. LODA coverage is available to members of law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, corrections officers, animal control, hazmat personnel, and others, including volunteer deputies and emergency responders. 

Benefits to you  

VAcorp provides peace of mind for you and your public safety personnel. Once a line of duty claim is approved by the state, our claims specialist will pay on your behalf any death benefit, plus the cost of state investigation and continued health insurance. 

NOTE: To be eligible for LODA coverage, members must also purchase VAcorp workers’ compensation coverage. 

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