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Security Risk Management

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Our program offers expansive coverage for weapons assaults.

VAcorp Security Risk Management Program covers nearly all persons while on your property or participating in member-sponsored activities from acts of violence, threats, disappearance, abduction, hijacking, and other events.

There is no deductible for this coverage. Coverage includes counseling for administrators and staff during and after a covered event.

Our solution

Covered persons include Board members, administrators, employees, visitors, students, and volunteers while on premises or attending or participating in an activity organized by the member.

Types of covered events:

  • Assault with a weapon involving three or more people resulting in death or serious injury and regional media coverage 
  • Disappearance of a covered person from the office, campus, sponsored activity, or study-abroad program 
  • Extortion Threats 
  • Hijacking 
  • Hostage Taking 
  • Abduction of a child from the premises 
  • Emergency Political Evacuation 
  • Threats to: 
    • Kill or injure covered persons 
    • Damage property 
    • Disrupt computer systems 
    • Reveal confidential information about covered persons

Coverages provided:

  • Legal Liability 
  • Loss of Revenue 
  • Fees and expense of expert crisis response consultants deployed within 24 hours worldwide 
  • Costs of increased temporary security measures 
  • Consultant costs and expenses for investigation into disappearance of a covered person 
  • Costs to evacuate covered persons to a place of safety due to political instability overseas 
  • Death or Dismemberment Benefit 
  • Additional covered expenses include 
    • Psychiatric and Medical Care 
    • Legal Advice 
    • Reward Monies 
    • Travel and Accommodation 
    • Salary of victim’s family and replacement staff 
    • Rest and Rehabilitation 
    • All other reasonable and necessary expenses

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