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School Security Officer

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Important liability coverage for those that protect our schools.

In a changing world that includes dangerous and violent threats, our school leaders, administration, and staffs must work harder than ever to meet safety requirements and provide a secure learning environment. This is a complicated challenge but VAcorp has created a solution to give school divisions the tools to meet the challenge. 

In an effort to provide essential safety and security for our students, Virginia school boards are now hiring School Security Officers (SSO). SSOs are different from School Resource Officers (SRO), which are employed by law enforcement agencies and provided liability coverage through that agency. When school boards hire SSOs to maintain order and discipline, prevent crime, investigate school board policy violations, and ensure the safety, security, and welfare of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the school, they need law enforcement liability protection.

Our solution

As the principal provider of liability coverage for Virginia school divisions, VAcorp provides optional Law Enforcement Liability coverage for SSOs employed by school divisions. Coverage is available whether or not the officers carry firearms. This program provides the proper legal protection for the school division and the officer, while addressing this critical community need. The coverage cost is based on the number of hired SSOs and whether they carry firearms.*

Benefits to you

VAcorp strives to provide for the ever-changing coverage needs of all members. This program provides school divisions the opportunity to meet safety and security challenges while providing the requisite law enforcement liability coverage for school divisions employing school security officers.

*Pursuant to § 22.1-280.2:1, SSOs may carry firearms, if they meet all of the following criteria.  

  1. was an active law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth in the last 10 years 
  2. was in good standing when left previous law enforcement officer position 
  3. has met the required training and qualifications 
  4. completed specific coursework, including active shooter emergency response, emergency evacuation procedure, and threat assessment 
  5. chief law enforcement officer of the locality verifies that the SSO can legally carry a firearm 
  6. local school board grants authority for SSO to carry a firearm

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