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Criminal in jail

Protection against loss from within.

Even with robust hiring practices in place, sometimes it’s impossible to know the character of your employees until it is too late. Crime coverage provides protection from loss of money and securities due to dishonest employee actions, such as forgery or fraud. Not only are you covered for the actions of your employees, but also for the actions of volunteers under your direction and control. These crime-related losses are typically excluded in traditional commercial property insurance, but we address these exposures through our crime coverage. It covers employee theft, faithful performance/employee dishonesty, money orders and counterfeit paper currency, depositors forgery, computer fraud, and funds transfer fraud. 

Because we are a risk pool that specializes solely in the public sector entities that we serve, we understand your unique coverage needs and strive to meet those needs in the most convenient way possible. This crime coverage fulfills state requirements for specific position bonds for faithful performance of duties, so there is no need to purchase additional surety bonds for specific staff or board members.

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