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Volunteer Accident & Sickness

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We stand apart in offering you coverage alternatives as your needs change. 

Historically, the cost of carrying accident and sickness coverage for your volunteer force has increased significantly in the commercial market. In response to members’ frustration over the escalating costs of Volunteer Accident and Sickness coverage, VAcorp has created a highly competitive program to cover your volunteers of all types.

Our solution

As the only pool in the Commonwealth licensed to provide Accident and Sickness coverage, VAcorp offers protection for those volunteers who dedicate their time to you. This program is for all volunteer types, including: 

  • Volunteer Firefighters, Rescue Squads, and EMS providers 
  • Auxiliary Deputies 
  • General Volunteers, such as Parks and Recreation, Animal Shelter, etc. Inmate Trustees and Work-Release Volunteers 

Benefits offered along with coverage include: 

  • Loss of life 
  • Weekly income 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Accidental dismemberment 
  • Vision impairment 
  • Cosmetic disfigurement Covered disease, including HIV Vocational rehabilitation 

As localities must become more involved in providing coverage for volunteers, such as Line of Duty Act coverage, VAcorp provides this program and coordinates benefits with LODA benefits.

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