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Law Enforcement Liability

Officers in riot gear

Liability protection for your public safety officers.

Law Enforcement Liability coverage provides protection against allegations arising from law enforcement operations. It is now more critical than ever that local governments evaluate their coverage needs to ensure they are adequately protected.

We are witnessing an alarming shift regarding Law Enforcement Liability coverage throughout the insurance industry at the national level. Calls for law enforcement reform, which are largely attributed to high profile incidents capturing the nation’s attention in recent years, have caused legal settlement costs to escalate. This, in turn, is causing insurance industry underwriters to reconsider their terms and conditions for coverage. While the court of public opinion pushes for the removal of various governmental immunities and more responsibility being placed upon employers, VAcorp remains committed to offering the greatest level of protection possible for your law enforcement and public safety officers.

We include coverage for bodily injury and property damage with respect to jail operations, personal injury liability, broad form property damage liability, limited worldwide liability, contractual liability for covered contracts, and punitive damages in most cases. Volunteers are included as covered persons, and we can even cover defense costs of nonmonetary lawsuits, which are typically excluded. 

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