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Student Accident

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Outstanding accident coverage for official activities on and off school grounds

Every year, 1 in 14 students suffers a medically attended or temporarily disabling injury at school. This amounts to more than 3.5 million kids injured at school every year. These accidents are frequent and sometimes severe. In today’s rapidly changing health insurance landscape, out-of-pocket medical expenses are growing, creating financial burdens for families and exposing schools to potentially contentious liability claims.

Our solution

VAcorp has the ability to combine Student Accident coverage for everyday injuries with Catastrophic Medical coverage for the most severe school-related injuries as secondary coverage to the injured student’s health insurance. This can help ensure a school is covered for most incidents, therefore minimizing parents’ out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

From science class to recess, physical education to football, and cheerleading to chess club, injuries come from all sources, but we can make sure you’re covered. We offer compulsory Student Accident insurance coverage for member schools with multiple limit options: standard, economy, and deluxe. Student accident insurance plans provide maximum benefits at affordable premium levels. Plans are designed to offer payment for medical expenses incurred as a result of an unexpected, school-related accident or injury. 

This program covers enrolled students of the school while participating in activities, including interscholastic sports, field trips, and other school sponsored events. Coverage extends to students participating in school activities during the summer. 

Catastrophic Accident is offered to fill VHSL coverage gaps, which include covering middle school sports and out-of-season sports participation. In addition, it also responds to particularly catastrophic incidents such as chemistry lab explosions.

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