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GatherGuard (formerly TULIP)

Outdoor event with vendors

Our GatherGuard program covers events held by a third party on your property with $1 million of protection.

GatherGuard provides the insurance needed to protect you from liability and property damage of those using your facilities. These “tenant users” purchase this coverage and, depending on the type of event, the cost can be as little as $100.

Our solution

We offer an inexpensive solution to providing insurance for an event held by another party on a VAcorp member’s property. 

  • $1,000,000 coverage protects members from liability of others for injuries or property damage that may occur during the event 
  • Host liquor liability coverage is included in the cost for events where alcohol is sold
  • Policy automatically names you as an additional insured 
  • Selecting “GatherGuard coverage” on the VAcorp website routes visitors to the Intact Insurance website where tenant users can fill out the simple online application and pay for the coverage; after which, the certificate of insurance will be emailed to the purchaser and can be forwarded to you 
  • Types of activities that may merit GatherGuard insurance include weddings, seminars, receptions, sporting events, concerts, and other public and private events

Benefits to you

  • Quick, easy, and affordable – just send tenant users to our website 
  • Covers a variety of potential claims for events held by tenant users 
  • Gives you the reassurance of being protected when others use your property

Want to learn more about this coverage?

Give us a call at 888-822-6772 or reach out via the contact page.