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Hybrid Disability

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VAcorp is proud to offer a disability benefits program for Virginia Retirement System Hybrid Retirement employees.

VAcorp worked with OneDigital to create the Hybrid Disability Program in response to state legislation requiring governing bodies to provide a comparable plan of employer-paid long-term and short-term disability insurance for Hybrid Plan employees. All entities in VRS are eligible for this program. In response to legislation creating the VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan, which requires public entities to provide employer-paid disability insurance for employees hired after January 1, 2014. Governing bodies that opted out of the Virginia Local Disability Program are required to provide a comparable plan of long term and short-term disability insurance. We provide the comparable plan for you.

Our solution

Our Hybrid Disability Program claims are administered by Standard Insurance Company. All public entities that participate in the VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan are eligible to participate in this program, even if your organization does not participate in the risk pool. Short Term Disability insurance is self-funded by the participating employer. If an employee remains disabled through the short-term period of 125 work days, then Anthem makes the disability benefit payments.

The benefit to you – strength in numbers 

Today, our program is the largest Hybrid Disability Program in the Commonwealth. With the large number of participants and The Standard as program administrator, we continue to meet our goal to provide the required benefits with stable pricing. The current rates are guaranteed rates through June 30, 2027.

Contact information

If you would like additional information, please use the following contact information:

Disability claims: 844-404-2111

Billing information: billing-hybriddisability@riskprograms.com

Guidance on sick leave implications: ngrasso@onedigital.com or rjonas@onedigital.com

While The Standard handles disability claims administration, VAcorp handles the billing for this program.

Below are documents and links to information of interest to Hybrid Program participating employers and employees. Please click on the links to review and download.

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