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We believe being a partner matters

Being a great partner goes way beyond simply offering solid coverage programs. It means getting to know you and your organization, taking care of the tedious and sometimes confusing aspects of risk management, and doing everything we can to help you avoid risks in the first place. Here’s how our service offering brings this to life.

Terry Arbogast talks about working with VAcorp
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Every organization is different, that’s clear. At VAcorp, we work closely with our members to develop a series of relevant, impactful services designed specifically for what they need. We’re able to do this because we have team members who have been in your shoes. In some cases they’ve spent decades in a position just like yours, and because of that experience, we know how your teams operate and what they need.

We also work to design education and training programs that teach your teams how to recognize and avoid risk before anything happens. Just like preventative maintenance on a vehicle, regular training for both existing and new employees is critical to lowering your total exposure.