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Our portal makes it easy to file or review claims, contact your client service team, and much more.

We give you access to online tools to help you streamline and simplify your risk management efforts. We believe that interactions with your coverage provider should be easy and transparent. That is why we take you behind the curtain with our secure member portal. The portal is designed to give you the relevant information you need to effectively take control of your risk management needs in an intuitive, user-friendly format. When you log into the portal with your unique password, you have the following features available at your fingertips:

  • Homepage – The home page gives you a quick snapshot of your organization’s claims data without going too far into the weeds. You can see a broad overview of the status of current fiscal year claims, current claims by claim type, your financial data over the previous 5 years, and all open claims without ever leaving the home page.
  • Claim reporting tool – We strive to make reporting claims as simple and convenient as possible. With our claim reporting tool, you can fill out a form online to file a claim, and you’ll instantly receive a claim number to help you track your claim through our system.
  • Claim viewer – You have a right to your claims data. With our claim viewer, we give you access to all the information that we have on each of your losses. You can filter and search for specific claims in order to see the details and financial data associated with each individual claim. We even post our adjuster’s notes and correspondences to keep you apprised of any new developments.
  • Report generator – You have the ability to create, view, and export your own loss runs without ever having to contact us. You can customize your loss reports by selecting which lines of coverage you’d like to see, setting a date range, and choosing to view a summary or detailed report.
  • Site tools – We offer several online tools that allow you to view your vehicle, equipment, and property schedules, make edits to those schedules, or even request certificates of insurance without ever having to pick up the phone.
  • Risk control resources – This resource library contains relevant sample policy and procedure templates that can be customized to suit your needs. You will also find training webinars and corresponding presentation slides that can be used to educate your staff.

Our innovative, transparent portal empowers our members to have greater awareness and control of their claims data and risk management needs. We are on the same team! The risk pool wins when our members win.

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