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Claim Reporting

We work hard to make claim reporting as easy as possible.

We recognize the importance of reporting claims as soon as possible after an event or incident occurs. That is why VAcorp gives you the options you need to get claims filed promptly and with ease.

VAcorp website

It’s easy for members to report claims by logging into our member portal. After logging in to your personalized, secure dashboard, choose “report a claim” to enter the required information. You will immediately receive the unique claim number, followed by a confirmation email. 

Company nurse on-call

In the event of a particularly serious emergency such as a fire or death, VAcorp provides an after-hours emergency service-line at 540-265-8021. A professional “Answer Network” will take your claim information and immediately reach out to a VAcorp Claim or Member Service manager directly in order to ensure you receive the care you need to the greatest extent possible.

Want to learn more about this service?

Give us a call at 888-822-6772 or reach out via the contact page.