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Brokerage Services

Benefit from our relationships with other providers without the commitment of pool membership.

We get it. Sometimes, you just need certain coverages, but don’t have the ongoing needs of pool membership. You simply might be too large or have complex risk that would not necessitate being part of a pool.

Our solution

Our Brokerage Services program gives your organization the opportunity to capitalize on our brokerage contracts without participating in the group self-insurance risk pool. 

Our large pool gives us the valuable experience data we need in order to anticipate claims and exposures and enables us to negotiate the most appropriate coverage and the best price for all your insurance needs.

Key services

To ensure you are provided the best possible service, we will 

  • Determine the appropriate coverage for you 
  • Secure the best provider depending on your needs 
  • Assist with the presentation of underwriting information to the selected provider 
  • Provide premium estimates for budgeting purposes 
  • Assist with your claims management if necessary 
  • Provide loss control services with a focus on prevention

Want to learn more about this service?

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