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Property Valuations

We go to great lengths to ensure your property is valued accurately and appropriately.

We’ve seen it happen way too often in this industry: You file a claim for a loss, only to find out that the property was not adequately covered or you find out that the contents of the property weren’t valued thoroughly and, under your policy, cannot be fully replaced. It doesn’t have to be this way, and with us, it isn’t.

Our solution

VAcorp works with you to provide a professional property valuation of your facilities (buildings and contents) to ensure that you have adequate coverage. A contracted valuation professional will visit you in your first year with the risk pool and every subsequent 5 years thereafter in order to assess the value of your structures estimated at $75,000 and above. This means the valuation of the cost to rebuild the structure or replace contents in the event of a covered loss is appropriate. Our services include determining the replacement value of your buildings, construction type, square footage, fire suppression systems, and roof age. This service also provides Actual Cash Valuation for the loss of vacant structures and those that would not be rebuilt in the event of a loss.

Benefits to you

An accurate and thorough property valuation, along with appropriate coverage analysis for your property, gives you certainty that you are protected in the event of a loss, even a total loss, for full replacement value.

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