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VFIS Partnership

VACORP and VFIS Partnership


In March of 2017, VACORP and VFIS announced that they would partner together to cover volunteer emergency responders.

VACORP remains Virginia’s largest local-government self-insurance risk pool while VFIS is the largest provider of insurance, education and consulting services for emergency service organizations. Together, they provide coverage for volunteer injuries through a combination of workers’ compensation and excess accident and sickness insurance.

In this partnership, VACORP provides primary workers’ compensation statutory benefits for volunteers injured in the line of duty, which may include up to lifetime medical benefits and death benefit. VFIS, the largest ESO insurance provider in the A&S sector, provides excess accident and sickness benefits to supplement the statutory workers’ compensation benefits and includes weekly income replacement, death benefits, and medical expense benefits up to the limit purchased.

This partnership evolved in response to the ever growing responsibilities shouldered by Virginia localities in light of changes to the Line of Duty Act. Now, localities must coordinate with their emergency volunteer agencies to identify opportunities to provide appropriate support to the responders and minimize the financial exposure to localities and the constituents they serve.

VACORP has created a program to protect the interests of Virginia localities and the health of their emergency responders. “Since localities must provide coverage for fire and rescue volunteers, it just makes sense to purchase coverage to minimize the localities’ financial loss,” said Chris Carey, VACORP Administrator.

“Together, not only are we able to help eleviate costs to localities, but we are also able to be a resource for volunteer fire and rescue personnel,” said Troy Markel, president of VFIS. “Together, the programs have trained and supported over 250,000 emergency services personnel in the last ten years.”


Please log into the website and visit the “VFIS Partnership” page located under the “Resources” tab in order to learn more about the programs and tools available to you through this partnership.