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TULIP – Event Insurance

TULIP is the Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program that provides inexpensive, short-term liability insurance for “tenant users” or individuals and groups seeking to hold events or conduct organized activities on VACORP Members’ property. Typically, the cost for this policy is around $100, depending upon the event specifics. TULIP provides $1,000,000 in liability coverage for the tenant user (purchaser) for the event and it protects the VACORP Member from a tenant’s actions by automatically naming you as additional insured, meaning actions by the tenant will not become a liability for that Member.

Host liquor liability insurance is included in the basic TULIP, even when alcohol sales are permitted during the event.


Even the best-organized and lowest-risk event can experience complications, which can turn into claims of injury or property damage arising from the event. For the organizer, group, or sponsor, the potential claim could mean personal assets are at risk. Having a short-term liability insurance policy in effect means that tenant users have financial protection standing between their personal funds and a claimant. VACORP recommends that Members require tenant users to have insurance to protect Members from liability exposures of activities over which the Members have little or no control. TULIP provides this protection by listing the Member as an additional insured.

How do I Get TULIP?

Below is a link that takes a tenant user directly to the online application, where they will complete the application and pay in a few easy steps.

  1. VACORP member provides tenant user with seven digit ID code an directs them to the online application
  2. Tenant user enters the ID code, completes online application, and receives a quote
  3. If the tenant user elects to purchase the coverage they will be able to pay by credit card and will receive a certificate of insurance via email
  4. Tenant user forwards the certificate of insurance to VACORP member representative

Sporting Events Coverage from TULIP?

Tenant users who are seeking insurance coverage for sporting events can now purchase this using the online application.


For additional information contact VACORP Underwriting by emailing Stephanie Brown at or calling (844) 986-2705.