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Risk Control Services

Risk control team working with members

Our team helps identify and minimize the risks you encounter every day.

While VAcorp is proud to offer the most comprehensive coverages available to protect your organization, we know that every claim can still be disruptive and shouldn’t be accepted as an inevitable part of operations. In addition to the financial burden, claims can cost you precious time, result in public embarrassment, or even alter the lives of the individuals involved. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Our solution

Our Risk Control team is available to help you mitigate risk before it ever results in an incident. Our extensive experience in the operations of our members enables us to identify and address common exposures shared by all as well as those specific to your unique operations. 

Customized to your needs

Our services are custom-tailored to meet the distinct needs of each member. We have an extensive array of member-specific programs, including those for: 

  • Counties, cities, and towns
  • Schools
  • Law Enforcement
  • Community Service Boards
  • Corrections
  • Authorities, including Water & Sewer

Breadth of services

Proactive risk control is the essence of pooling, so VAcorp offers a wide array of services to help members working control their risks. From employee training to  policy consultation to physical property walkthroughs, our staff will work with you  to help identify exposures that can impact your operations from a safety, liability,  and property damage standpoint.  

Services offered through our Risk Control department include: 

  • Organizational Risk Management Consultation – Educating member contacts  about coverage, loss history, exposures, and strategies for reducing specific losses 
  • Loss Analysis  
    • Workers’ Compensation & Property and Casualty  
      • Summary by Year 
      • Summary by Claim Type 
      • Departmental Summary  
    • Open claims analysis 
    • Detailed individual claim review 
  • “Train the trainer” approach to promote internal safety programs 
  • Safety Committee assistance – Supporting members in developing, operating, and  leading safety committees 
  • Employee training – Customized training sessions at member sites to address risk  management needs 
    • Topics include: 
      • Safety and OSHA related training 
      • Human Resources 
      • Cyber Liability 
      • Fleet Management 
      • Law Enforcement specific training 
    • In-person, live via video conferencing platform, and pre-recorded webinar  formats available 
    • Online archive of recorded training webinars 
    • Safety Source – Online collection of over 1,000 safety videos available to stream  instantaneously 
  • Periodic pool-wide webinars on relevant risk management issues
  • On-site facility safety surveys 
    • Comprehensive reviews of facility safety 
    • Evaluation of work procedures, including job-safety analysis and ergonomics
    • Playground safety inspections with Certified Playground Safety Inspector  (CPSI)
    • Fire and electrical hazard assessment 
  • Policy Consultation – Assisting members with creation or review of formal, written  safety programs, policies, and procedures
    • Archive of customizable templates available online

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