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VAcorp is right for jails.

We see and admire the bravery exhibited by officers working in Virginia’s local and regional jails. Each day, correctional officers put their own health and safety on the line to maintain order and a safe environment for their jailed inmates. While most people do not fully comprehend and appreciate these sacrifices, we can certainly relate to the desired goal of keeping people safe. Why do so many jails trust VAcorp with their coverage needs?

  • Former law enforcement officers on staff 
  • Almost all jails in Virginia are pool members
  • First to create Line of Duty Act (LODA) and Hybrid Disability programs in response to regulatory changes
  • Largest LODA program in the Commonwealth
  • Customizable training available for continuing education credits at no additional charge

We understand your coverage needs.

Most regional jails in Virginia are afforded liability protection through the state’s Division of Risk Manager. VAcorp is here to provide coverage excess of the state’s VaRISK program. Additionally, we provide primary coverage for those regional jails that opted out of the VaRISK program. VAcorp was at a stakeholder the table when this discussion of allowing jails to opt-out was considered and approved.

We provide the most comprehensive coverage for Virginia county, city, and regional jails because we provide this primary liability coverage for jails that do not participate in the state’s VaRISK program, and we provide excess liability coverage for those that remain in the state program and our coverage is secondary to the VaRISK program. 

We are agile in addressing regulatory change.

Since our founding, VAcorp has been committed to providing the best possible coverage tailored specifically to the niche members that we serve. To stay true to that guiding principle, we are constantly innovating to address emerging coverage needs. VAcorp was the first Pool to create a Line of Duty Act (LODA) program in response to regulatory changes, and our LODA program is the largest program covering local governmental public safety officers and responders in the Commonwealth.

You have a partner and advocate in VAcorp.

With former local government and law enforcement officials on staff, we understand you and are here to provide the coverages you need – whether primary or excess – so that you may continue to maintain safe, effective, and efficient jail operations. We are here to provide solutions to all your risk management concerns and address the risk exposures you face with appropriate coverage limits at a deductible that works for you. 

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