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VAcorp is right for local government.

You have been entrusted with the power and responsibility to govern your communities, so why shouldn’t you have more control over the coverage decisions that matter most when it comes to safeguarding your peace of mind? With VAcorp, you are an owner of the program and its assets, and you have a voice in guiding the direction of the risk pool. VAcorp is governed by a Supervisory Board elected from and by our membership. Why do so many local government entities trust VAcorp with their coverage needs?

  • Former local government officials on staff and supervisory board
  • Largest pool in Virginia with the most local government members
  • First to create Line of Duty Act (LODA) and Hybrid Disability programs in response to regulatory changes
  • Only comprehensive cyber liability coverage program available in Virginia
  • Customizable training available at no additional charge

We truly understand you.

We know your needs because we’ve been in your shoes, and we interact with our members on a daily basis. Beyond our board members, VAcorp also has several former local government officials on staff who understand your priorities and know how best to respond to your needs. 

We anticipate your coverage needs.

VAcorp was founded upon the vision of providing the best coverages possible for local government while maintaining price stability and transparency. The fact that today VAcorp is the largest pool in Virginia is a testament to our unwavering commitment to those founding principles. Because we work with local government members of all sizes, we are able to tailor our coverages specifically to your unique needs and quickly respond to new coverage challenges that emerge. VAcorp was the first Pool to create Line of Duty Act (LODA) and Hybrid Disability programs in response to regulatory changes, and these two programs are the largest in the Commonwealth. We were the first to offer comprehensive programs for cyber liability, environmental liability, and active shooter coverage, among others, and we are constantly analyzing the regulatory environment for new ways to innovate.

We are committed to stability.

While the insurance industry as a whole has experienced considerable volatility and regular rate increases, the pool has enjoyed remarkable rate stability year after year. Not only that, but we bring you our rates without gimmicks or games. Although our policy period beings on July 1 each year, you can expect to receive your renewal quote in mid-March, giving you ample time to prepare your budget accordingly. We empower our members to run their own loss reports at the click of a button on our website without having to request that information through an agent. Because we are on the same team when it comes to your protection, we openly share every bit of information that we have for each of your claims. With our online claim viewer, we bring you behind the curtain and give you the same access to financials and notes that our adjusters have themselves.

We tailor our services to you.

While we are proud to offer the most comprehensive coverage available for local government entities in Virginia, we are not satisfied with merely responding to your losses. We’re here to help you prevent losses from occurring in the first place as well. Our Risk Control Consultants work with you to help create or revise your risk management policies and procedures or to physically survey your facilities from a safety and liability perspective. In addition, we provide a variety of training options in several different formats to meet your needs efficiently and conveniently. Our program gives you access to online safety video libraries that can be streamed instantaneously. We can also customize training specifically to your organization through pre-recorded webinars, live virtual training, and in-person classes.

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