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Nurse Case Management

VAcorp provides case-management services through our highly skilled, staff nursing professionals.

With healthcare provider costs continuing to soar, organizations are constantly seeking to find the right balance between quality of care and cost-effectiveness of the strategies they deploy. Getting the right decision and the right care at the right time benefits everyone involved. 

Our solution

Our in-house staff nurses work with injured employees to obtain medical provider information in an effort to return employees to work.VAcorp’s staff is here to serve you and your employees. We use the latest technology and adhere to best practices, ensuring your employee’s care is handled in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.

Benefits to you

  • Helps injured employees and relevant staff better understand the nature and severity of the injury and treatment options 
  • Reduces total claim cost 
  • Ensures your injured employees get back to work as soon as possible 
  • Assists employees in understanding their return-to-work plan 
  • Provides direct communication to you regarding the return-to-work plan

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