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Cost Containment

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Proactive management and oversight of claims payments are key to making sure medical costs are appropriate and necessary.

At times, healthcare costs for claims can exceed what is medically necessary and beneficial to the injured employee and cost-effective for you. VAcorp takes a proactive approach to implement cost-containment measures that ensure the right amount is spent while still prioritizing patient care. This is a critical part of your workers’ compensation coverage program.

Our solution

We take a multifaceted approach toward thoughtful examination of your costs, often before the episode of care takes place. This is done through strategies including: 

  • Comprehensive medical bill review, ensuring appropriate procedure codes and reimbursements for medical services rendered
  • Medical & Vocational Rehab Consultants on staff who work directly with your employees toward recovery from work-related injuries
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Program to provide convenience to employees and reduce prescription costs
  • Nurse Triage program that offers medical consultation, including panel physician referral and first aid advice to employees, at the time of injury
  • Large medical bill negotiation with providers and hospital systems
  • Physical Therapy Network to provide scheduling and progress monitoring of therapy and functional capacity evaluations
  • Relationships with multiple ancillary service provision networks, ensuring quality and mitigating costs on services such as home health, transportation, translation, imaging and diagnostics, durable medical equipment, and Medicare Set-Asides

Claims are evaluated independently with these cost-saving strategies in mind, helping your employees recover quickly and return to work as soon as possible.

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